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​Yossi is a family man with a big smile and an eye for detail. Yossi is a master DIY man at heart and has been playing with hammers, nails, saws, drills and screws almost since he could walk. With these skills he natrually gravitated  towards professional joinery and cabinet making, creating made to measure furniture, then deigning, supplying and installing kitchens to retail and industry. Yossi also has experience in construction sector. Experience has provided a broad understanding of Property Maintenance, a strong perception in Accounting, both of which required for effective Block Management, and Customer Service which is key to any successful career. On his day off you can catch Yossi with tools in hand doing all sorts of DIY jobs around the house from taking out his own chimneys, fitting a new doorbell or landscaping his garden, usually with wife and six children.

His hard work, dedication and drive for excellence in the Block Management department over the last 15 years has yielded exceptional results with the company growing steadily along with his good reputation.


Avi Begal

Block Manager

Avi assists Yossi in the day-to-day management of the Blocks, and is hands on with both the accounting side of the business, as well as maintenance and customer communications. Avi possesses an incredible “keep calm, all is cool” attitude and nothing can faze or frustrate him. Seamlessly handling high volumes of phone calls and emails from our large client base, Avi is popular among both his clients, and is always ready to assist with a smile in any way possible.


Yossi Weisz


Block Manager

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