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Apartment Building

Block management is the term used for managing blocks of flats on behalf of the owners, freeholders or developers. This involves the collection of service charges and or Ground Rents, as well as arranging works and maintenance on the property. 


Blockcontrol Partnership carry out monthly on-site inspections to check that the properties are maintained to the level required. When necessary, we liaise with independent contractors to find the best quotation possible. After any work has been done, we make sure that the property is in good repair and that the work has been carried out to the highest standard.


These works can include, but are not restricted to:


Ensuring that the building and common areas are maintained in accordance with the terms of the lease

Preparing specifications of work

Consulting with owners and overseeing major works

Ensuring owners receive value for money for service charge payments

Keeping and maintaining Service Charge ledgers and Company Accounts

Painting and decorating


Employing Blockcontrol Partnership Ltd as agents will drastically reduce the stress in maintaining a property. Blockcontrol Partnership Ltd is the best choice for you and your property requirements.


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